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Luca is a Brazilian art maker with a French soul. Designer, Illustrator and Art Director, she has always moved around the borderless universe of the children’s ideal. She started at an early age, working with her mother at Tyrol, a renowned children fashion brand, where she learned all the ins-and-outs of a collection creation and production process. This means over 30 years of experience in the children’s market. 


She collaborated with the Bureau de Style Promostyl in Paris and created for local children brands such as  Giovanna Baby, Hering Kids, Daslu Teen, Formatex, Isabela Capeto Infantil, Puket, Pampili, Vogue Kids, Bazaar Kids, Mini Melissa, among other. 


Luca conceived and illustrated the book “Moda: uma História para Crianças” (Fashion: a Story for Children;”Dia de festa” (Party Time) and “Julia está com fome” (Julia is hungry).


She took part in the following exhibits: “Era uma vez” (Once upon a time), at CCBB, São Paulo; Children’s Fashion Salon-Playtime Paris, Nova York and Tokyo; The Girls in Room 28 (Theresienstadt).


In 2004, she created PETIT RETRO, a French-Brazilian design and interior decoration brand for children. She uses exclusive colors and prints, hand-made embroidery, 100% cotton fabrics.


Luca Schiller’s collections are conceived in Paris and produced in São Paulo.


Her references are basically French, resulting from childhood memories of various generations, the respect for tradition and the influences from the contemporary world, always updating the beautiful references of the past and preserving the “savoir-faire” of Brazilian craftsmanship.


The décor segment at PETIT RETRO creates special bedrooms for a specific segment that is tired of series production.

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