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Associating creativity to multiple cultural references, Luca Schiller took a fresh look at design and art production for the children’s market and universe. Always diversifying and summing up experiences, Luca worked with various prominent names in the fashion arena. She was a collaborator at the Bureau de Style Promostyl, in Paris, and also designed for renowned Brazilian children brands such as Tyrol, Giovanna Baby, Hering Kids, Daslu Teen, Formatex, Isabela Capeto Infantil, Puket, Pampili, Mini Melissa, among other.

She was also Art Director for Chef Carla Pernambuco’s TV show, on Discovery Channel, and designed the logo and menus for this Chef’s “Carlota” Restaurant in São Paulo. Luca Schiller has an original talent, free of pre-established concepts; she is restless and curious. Besides working for different brands, she was responsible for Editorials for Vogue Kids and Bazaar Kids.


She conceived and illustrated books “Moda: Uma História para Crianças” (Fashion: a Story for Children); “Dia de Festa” (Party Time) and “Julia está com fome” (Julia is hungry). She took part in exhibitions, among other: “Era uma vez” (Once upon a Time), at CCBB, São Paulo; and the Playtime – Children Fashion Salon, in Paris and New York.

Always going after original ideas, Luca rescued the non-industrial production, coming up with an unheard of proposal in Brazil by creating her “Petit Retro”, in 2004 – a concept with a mix of classical and contemporary Brazilian and European references. Her original production takes the lead when she is after a totally alternative avenue to mass production, where obviousness and mass-market production reign.

Luca Schiller’s much recognized and praised talent is a constant rediscovering of the ancient hand-made embroideries, the potentiality of the “new” based on fleeting glimpses of her childhood, which can be found in an old drawing, a magical dear object of her past or simply in her rich imagination.

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